Danny Livewire

Techno Developer :: DJ :: Producer

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Danny Livewire

As Technology Developer and Electronic Music Musician, Danny's focus is on quality and innovation. From the dance-floor, to the internet; using artistic software and hardware has always been his approach from the beginning.

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Dance Music DJ

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NeoGenesis: Synthwave Tuesdays at Wynwood in Chicago

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Live Dance Music

Danny has been a musician since the age of 3. That's actually how the name "Livewire" came about, as a 'Live Set' with drum machines, keyboards and synths, shortly after DJing took over and then the tech-career.

His passion for music still exist, but the giging sechedule has slowed down quite a bit. You can still find his music on: Soundcloud!

Live Electronic Music Musician

TECHNOlogy Pioneer

In addition to music, Danny Livewire is a tech consultant and web developer. Using custom code and open source platforms, he is a programmer and technology consultant by-day.

His Tech-Company is known as Codex Creative and it embodies his philosophy of innovation.

Full-Stack Web Developer